Take life into your own hands!

We personally help you with all things Lavylites.
Information, transport in closed countries, applications and much much more.


Products in various forms, including sprays, cremes, essences and other products for special regions of the body, exceed result and bring benefits through the special Lavylites technology. Even where none could be found before.  The so called “miracles from Hungary” find applications in all kinds of life.

Let Lavylites become a fundament of your families life, solving problems which before only specialists could resolve.


The Lavylites Afflilateprogram offers customes the opportunity to earn money by recommendation of Lavylites products. And to secure yourself and your family financially.

The unique benefit of Lavylites Business is Lavylites. It distributes up to 58% of each purchase back to the recommenders , making it one of the most profitable distributor opportunities available.

Why not join and with a bit of elbow grease you could reach heights, formerly unknown.

Testimonials of our Partners successes

Wir haben einfach nur Lavylites in unserem Umfeld bekannt gemacht und plötzlich können wir uns mehr leisten als in all den Jahren in denen wir gearbeitet haben.

Ehepaar aus der Schweiz

4 Monate nach dem Beitritt schon ein fünfstelliges Monatsgehalt. Mit 24 Jahren ist das Wahnsinn.

Team Leader aus Österreich

Ich bin kein Verkäufer, bekomme Lampenfieber vor großen Mengen. Aber Lavylites musste man nicht verkaufen oder vorstellen, nur zum testen mitgeben. .... Der große Ansturm hat auch mich kalt erwischt.

Leader aus Österreich

What you’ll get

More than 40 Lavylites Documents
40+ Exclusive Documents

Information, training and support. More than 40 Lavy-sprays-owned documents help you learn new things and share secrets, without having to master them.

13 different languages of Lavylites
13 Languages

English, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Turkish and many more in the near future.

Social Media Lavylites Europe
Social Media Activity

Share our posts per social media. Let us talk to your friend and do not waste too much of your own time, convincing them and afterwards looking after them.

Scientific Competence

Get support and materials made by minds on the highest intellectual levels, on scientific education and expertise from alternative medicine and esoteric.

6 times as much Money as other Lavylites Partners
6-times the possible income

Earn up to 6 times as much as other Lavylites Partners (doing the same amount of work). All thanks to our Lavy-sprays start and Lavy-sprays-own structure building strategy.

Lavylites Team Growth
Steady Growth

We welcome more and more members wach day into our team. With each member we also welcome new worlds. We learn from these worlds and offer you their experiences and lessons.


Lavylites goes international

Lavy-sprays brings Lavylites to all the countries.
We are constantly looking for people who might be interested in distributing products, locally, nationally and internationally, growing their effort into a considerable income.


Give something back

With Lavylites we try to help people. But can't do anything where help is most needed.
This is why we give back. Each month we give 10% of what we earned to Charity.

We encourage you to do the same. Start the Lavy-movement.


Trust of 1000+ People

We do everything for our team.
Our team guides more than 1000 Members directly with their progress and helps even more indirect partners finding solutions to their problems.


Lavy-sprays Team R&D

Lavy-sprays Research & Development periodically creates new Application protocols and alternative usage methods.
While searching for answers in this largely unexplored field, we study and incorporate data of differences in effect, reaction and duration from each of our Lavylites consumers.


How can we help you?

Write us, call us, or meet with us for a coffee



Phone number:

+43 699 10295582


Keldorfergasse 6/2/10
1230 Vienna