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Our Products exceed expectations in various forms. Sprays, cremes, essences and other products, each for special regions of the body. The products bring positive results and benefits via the unique technology incorporated inside it’s ingredients. These so called “miracles from Hungary” find applications in all kinds of life.

See what our products can do for you. How and if they can become part of your families life. Helping to solve problems, making your daily lives easier.

The Business

The company-own affiliate program offers customers the opportunity to earn an extra income. Share positive experiences and recommend the responsible products. Secure an extra pay for you and your family.

The difference to other cashback/affiliate-programs? The company behind the products. 58% (!) of each products sales return to the distributors. A support like no other. And a huge priority on research & development of new products.

Join today. Secure yourself the future you always dreamed of.


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The Lavy Sprays Team is a cooperation of independent partners. Our special foci are personal support and global success.

Years of experience in direct sales and start-ups give us the confidence to offer the best service possible. Our availability to you extends over phone and email. Also WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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